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Discover new flavors as you explore our menu with us

At Polo Café, we believe that every cup of coffee should be an experience. Our baristas are dedicated to crafting the perfect cup, using only the finest beans and ingredients.

At Polo Café, we take pride in our coffee-making skills. Our baristas are masters at brewing the perfect cup, using only the highest beans and ingredients. Come in and taste the difference for yourself!

Lemon soda
Blue berry muffin
Veg Burgur
Cold coffee

Our Story

The Premier Café on the Golf Course Road!
cosied amidst the vibrant streets of Gurugram, Polo Café stands tall as a beacon of warmth, hospitality, and unparalleled dining experiences. For over seven years, we've been proudly serving the community with our exquisite coffee blends, delectable treats, and inviting ambiance.

Polo Cafe
Polo cafe event

Best Café in Gurugram 
We provide the best quality of coffee.
Our Café is best in Delhi, NCR

Transform your meetings into moments of inspiration at our café, where comfort meets productivity. Book your space now and fuel creativity over cups of freshly brewed coffee.

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Our Partners

Nihal Foundation

Nihal Foundation: Empowering Lives, Inspiring Change. Our mission: promoting human values, adding value through education, integrating identity, and empowering through cultural and spiritual learning. We foster cross-cultural understanding with exchange programs and advocate for retired horses' welfare. Join us in making a difference for a brighter future.


At student space, we're dedicated to enhancing student achievement and success. Our software tracks progress, boosts retention rates, and supports seamless transfers and degree completion. We focus on competency-based learning to improve employability and empower institutions to elevate student outcomes.

Caballo Loco Art Gallery

In collaboration with Polo Café, we celebrate the grace and power of these magnificent creatures through captivating artwork. Explore our curated collection of horse-themed masterpieces while enjoying the ambiance of Polo Cafe's delightful offerings. Experience the synergy of art and equestrian culture at Caballo Loco Art Gallery.

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