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Welcome to Polo Café!

Located in the heart of Gurugram, Haryana, Polo Café has been a beloved part of the community for the past 7 years. Nestled within the iconic Baani Building in Sector 56, we pride ourselves on offering a cozy and inviting atmosphere for coffee enthusiasts and food lovers alike.

At Polo Café, we are passionate about serving only the best. Our carefully curated menu features a wide selection of premium coffee blends sourced from around the world, expertly crafted to perfection by our skilled baristas. From rich and robust espressos to velvety smooth lattes, there's something to satisfy every coffee connoisseur's palate.

But we're more than just a coffeehouse. Our kitchen is dedicated to creating delicious and satisfying fare that pairs perfectly with your favorite brew. Indulge in our freshly prepared sandwiches, made with locally sourced ingredients and bursting with flavor. From classic combinations to innovative twists, each bite is a culinary delight.

Beyond our commitment to quality and taste, Polo Café is also a place where community thrives. Whether you're catching up with friends over brunch, meeting a colleague for a business lunch, or simply enjoying a quiet moment of reflection, our warm and welcoming ambiance sets the stage for meaningful connections and memorable experiences.
Join us at Polo Café and discover why we're more than just a coffee shop—we're a destination where great coffee, delicious food, and genuine hospitality come together to create moments worth savoring.
Why Choose Polo Café?
  • Conveniently located in the heart of Gurugram, Haryana, within the iconic Baani Building in Sector 56.
  • Proudly serving the community for the past 7 years.
  • A diverse menu featuring premium coffee blends and delicious sandwiches made with locally sourced ingredients.
  • Warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for catching up with friends, meeting colleagues, or enjoying a moment of relaxation.
  • Committed to providing exceptional service and creating memorable experiences for our guests.
Partners Of Polo Café

Nihal Foundation

Empowering Lives, Inspiring Change! At Nihal Foundation, we are committed to fostering a world where human values, ethical behaviour, and inclusivity thrive. Through our multifaceted approach, we strive to create a culture of compassion, integrity, and empowerment that resonates across all aspects of society. Our Mission: Promoting Human Values: We provide an inclusive platform for individuals from all walks of life to embrace and promote human values. By cultivating empathy, respect, and kindness, we aim to foster a more compassionate and harmonious world. Adding Value: Nihal Foundation is dedicated to instilling in students the importance of 'adding value' to their own lives and the lives of others. Through education, mentorship, and community engagement, we empower individuals to make meaningful contributions to society. Integration of Identity: We explore issues of identity, with a focus on integrating the personal, spiritual, and professional dimensions of life. By nurturing holistic growth and self-awareness, we empower individuals to live authentically and purposefully. Empowerment through Cultural and Spiritual Learning: Our foundation seeks to empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives guided by cultural and spiritual principles. Through educational initiatives, workshops, and advocacy, we support personal growth, spiritual development, and social justice. Fostering Exchange Programs: Nihal Foundation sponsors student and faculty exchange programs, fostering cross-cultural understanding and collaboration. These programs provide invaluable opportunities for learning, growth, and global citizenship. Advocating for Retired Horses: As part of our commitment to animal welfare, Nihal Foundation supports and sponsors equestrian events while raising awareness for the better conditions for retired horses. We believe in providing dignified care and respect for these majestic creatures who have served us faithfully. Join Us in Making a Difference: Together, we can create a world where compassion, integrity, and inclusivity reign supreme. Join us in our mission to empower lives, inspire change, and build a brighter future for all.


At student space, we are dedicated partners in enhancing student achievement and fostering academic success. Our innovative software solution is designed to track and support students throughout their educational journey, with a focus on increasing retention rates, facilitating successful transfers to four-year colleges, and boosting degree completion rates. Our Mission: student space is committed to empowering institutions to measure and improve student achievement through competency-based learning. By providing comprehensive tracking and support systems at the institutional, course, program, and department levels, we aim to elevate student learning outcomes and enhance employability. Key Features: Retention Enhancement: Our software solution enables institutions to identify at-risk students early on and provide targeted support to help them stay on track towards graduation. Transfer Assistance: We facilitate seamless transfers to four-year colleges by streamlining the application process and providing resources to ensure a smooth transition for students. Degree Completion Support: student space offers tools and resources to assist students in navigating their academic journey and successfully completing their degrees. Competency-Based Learning: We empower institutions to assess student achievement through competency-based learning, providing insights into student progress and proficiency levels. Increased Employability: By equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen fields, our software solution enhances employability and prepares students for success in the workforce.

Duke Horse Riding Club

Welcome to Duke Horse Riding Club, where passion meets elegance in the heart of Gurgaon, Haryana. Nestled in Sector 58, our Indo-European owned club offers an unparalleled experience in horse riding and equestrian events. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a newcomer to the world of equestrian sports, we provide a welcoming atmosphere and top-notch facilities to cater to your every need.
Experience the thrill of horse riding and the beauty of equestrian sports at Duke Horse Riding Club. Whether you're looking to improve your riding skills, participate in competitions, or simply enjoy a leisurely ride, we invite you to join us for an unforgettable equestrian experience. Horse Riding Lessons: Our certified instructors offer personalized horse riding lessons for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced riders. Learn the art of horsemanship in a safe and controlled environment.
Trail Riding: Explore the scenic beauty of Gurgaon on horseback with our guided trail riding sessions. Enjoy a peaceful ride through lush greenery and serene landscapes.

Caballo Loco Art Gallery

Welcome to Polo Café's newest venture, Caballo Loco Art Cafe, a luxurious haven dedicated to honoring the timeless bond between humans and horses. Our gallery promises an enriching experience rooted in horse welfare and cultural appreciation. With a focus on showcasing exquisite artworks celebrating the beauty of horses and introducing groundbreaking equine-assisted therapy to India, we invite you to join us on this journey of art, heritage, and wellness. Profits from art sales will support the welfare of these cherished animals.

Caballo Loco Art gallery: “OF the horse, BY the horse, FOR the horse – all in the spirit of horse welfare.

Nihal Foundation

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